What’s Cooking…

Project in Development:


The AMI brand (“Wisdom in Rhythm”) and its multi-platform summit, fuses Art, Music and Ideas into an immersive spectacle event that opens up a new creative frontier. This concept were realized by me and backed by MillionWishes Inc. and in creative partnership with Thomas Kelley; the AMI venture is now in development and in talks with investors.

Every aspect of the AMI event experience is designed to liberate imaginations and elevate cultural awareness. Participants won’t just witness groundbreaking music and radical ideas, but will be able to co-create on the fly with innovators and likeminded peers.

In this way the AMI event provides corporate partners an unparalleled marketing service that goes well beyond corporate branding. The concept becomes “corporate bonding,” a new and direct line of communication between consumers, developers, corporations and non-profits.

The AMI event will inspire a new cultural movement. AMI will achieve this “new dawn” by connecting the past, present and future of the electronic and art culture with parallel trends in technology, art and science: DJs will have gourmet drinks with 3D printing artists, Arduino-fashionistas will groove with mycologists, and drone taco-delivery pilots will hug hackers seeking the perfect beat for their late night cyber excursions.

Stay tune at www.WeAreAMI.com

Our on-going company:

Welcome to the world of MillionWishes

MillionWishes, Inc, a design and event production company I founded since 2001.

We are a collective that creates and produces entertainment event and marketing projects. We build digital media properties, launch local and regional marketing programs and produce brand-featured special events. The projects we’re involved in are domestically in the US and internationally.

At all points along the way, we help to cross-promote ethnic respect and world cultural diversity through our worldwide arts, music, and technology partnerships. By pursuing the dream of creating social change with rock-solid events, MillionWishes aims to positively shapes our modern world.

I continue to manage the company and perform the creative role.

Check us out at www.MillionWishesInc.com