A Fabulous World

Welcome To A Fabulous World (2010)

A Fabulous World (AFW) is a game-changing next-generation marketing and event design, as well as an exposition platform creating a themed “world.” AFW utilizes a combination of cutting-edge concert production, Hollywood/amusement park staging, and cirque theatre to produce a full immersion entertainment experience.

A Fabulous World is designed to generate a profound feeling of wonder and excitement in the attendee. It is the experience of an exciting and “fabulous” future that is abundant, hopeful, joyful, and fun. Participants are led through a sensory celebration of the future in our present delivered through visionary design and content.

Framed within the tapestry of this “world,” AFW collects the best entertainment experiences and event brands from the hottest cities around the world in a theatrical, carnival-like atmosphere. Taken from the streets, clubs, and catwalks of Paris, New York, Milan, Rio, Las Vegas, and Tokyo… the most glamorous, exciting experiences are joined together under one roof in a celebration of the global spirit of innovation.

AFW brings together universal celebrities, musicians, DJs, artists, innovators, and corporate leaders through a series of performances, displays, installations, fashion shows, and lecture hall events. A Fabulous World unites the globe’s most forward-thinking tastemakers in a thrilling new millennial “world’s fair” that is awe-inspiring, intelligent, sophisticated, and memorably fun.

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