The 1900's

The 1990s marked my transition into my manhood right after completing art school at Otis Parson School of Design in Los Angeles.

After the success with my first night club with partner Brent Bolthouse, I follow the music and started integrating art, music, and technology as my art form, crafting immersive and transformative artistic experiences.

During this remarkable decade, I had the privilege of crossing paths with numerous extraordinary individuals, some of whom continue to be cherished soulmates to this day.

As I set sail on my upcoming art projects, I intend to revisit the 1990s as a central theme. I will delve into the intricate details of the creation process for each project, assess its impact, and draw parallels with the present day. I firmly believe that our world today hungers for the love and reverence for humanity and our planet that these projects inherently embody.

These decade-long production undertakings were made possible by the dedicated effort of:

The Lost Angels Crew, The OM Laboratory Crew and The CPU101 Crew: Tim Hite, Ishmael Perez, Lisanne Wirth, Terry Cowan, Rob Howard, Olivia Banner, Robert Acosta, Tanishia Meraz, Robert Lopez, Eric Lee, Kendo, Salina Vega, Matthew Grim and Mitch DeYoung.

Our dear partners: Richard Duardo, Wade Hampton, Steve Levy, Daven The Mad Hatter, Alan Traynor, Yoyo Satjawiguna, Reza Gerami, Pasquale Rotella and Jean Louis.

Our artists and creative collectives: Rick Klotz, Tom Allain, Stan Endo, Tim Alt, Mel Marcelo, Tim Hungerford, Glenn Grillo, Nick Phillip, Raymond Roker, Beau McGavin, Tony Chavez, Michael Tullberg, Charles Costta, George Montgomery, Greg Leeper, Brad Baker, Paul Rivas and Brian Gibbs.

A big, hearty ‘Thank you’ goes to Laura Reinitz, Jennifer Walsh, The Inspirational Ernie Munson, Rudy Artavia, Stan Liu, Randy Jacobson, Claudia Martinez, Kurt Eckes, Joe McCann, Nick Narnia, Dhyan Pritamo and the late Brian Fenske at the Shrine Auditorium.