The 2000's

As the world ushered in the new millennium in the year 2000, I embarked on a journey that would lead me to venture far and wide, orchestrating events wherever fate would take me. Following our unforgettable Millennium Countdown event in Malaysia, my next destination was Mexico.

Mexico became my home for several years, during which I had the privilege of co-producing numerous memorable events. To this day, my affection for Mexico and the bonds forged with its people have only deepened with each passing year.

My pursuit of event creation and collaboration, along with my passion for design work, led me to frequent destinations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Holland, England and of course Mexico. In these places, I had the pleasure of connecting with like-minded individuals who shared my vision.

Simultaneously, our mission continued to thrive at our Los Angeles headquarters. We were incredibly fortunate to host the inaugural rave at the prestigious Los Angeles Coliseum stadium, and we replicated this success at the Portland Convention Center in Portland, Oregon and the infamous Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, California.

In 2011, a significant chapter unfolded as I relocated my family to work on the retail store buildout for the late Ms. Suzanne Nunez in Palm Springs. This period was exceptionally meaningful for both me and my family.

In 2015, as the new world of cannabis was beginning to unfold, it felt like a rebirth of our civilization. Inspired by this burgeoning industry, I set out on a research and development voyage within the realm of cannabis. My fortune took a turn when, in 2016, I had the privilege of meeting the founder of THC Design and subsequently joined his company.