An Extraordinary & Creative Relationship

Pasquale Rotella, founder and CEO of Insomniac, Inc and EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) and I have known each other since the early nineties; We had produced events together and remain as good friends and close allies in the entertainment industry. My tremendous respect to him for taking the counter-culture audiences to the mainstream and hosting the world’s largest 3-day music festival in Las Vegas.

Over the last two decades, it has been an honor to have an on-going invitation to participate in his design and branding development for EDC and Insomniac; The work includes brand concept development, marketing asset design, merchandize design and manufacturing.

Until today, any chance we get, we still like to sit and talk of the old days, new ideas, and the arts. I am extremely grateful for this special and creative relationship that we have together.

*Check out our event production history in my history section and see some of the memorable parties we had produced together.