SoCal 10 on The Queen Mary Ship

Long Beach, California (2004)

Event Co-produced with Pasquale Rotella & Disco Donnie

Years ago the way we connect online took a physical form. The “Massive” was born at “Plantasia 1994,” when legions of SoCal fans converged at The Orange Show Event Center for the first time for an event that attracted more than ten thousand people. Massives grew from there, evolving naturally as the social set used the Internet to find each other. The event scene quickly eclipsed the clubs as people used the network to fuel larger and larger events.

Eventually, promoters from all over Southern California came together in support of a vibrant regional event community that hosted the world’s hottest young producers, DJ’s and labels. As the community grew, events attracted artists and designers, creating an aesthetic that would visually define the American Dance Scene. The Massive SoCal influence quickly spread to all the cities within driving distance, connecting people and parties in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Arizona and Mexico.

Hundreds of events and a decade later, the movement continues to attract huge crowd and generates fantastic energy. Millions of people have attended SoCal Massives, and the energy they created has blossomed into major independent festivals across North America.

At So Cal 10 we reunited the original stars of the SoCal Massives, the dancers, DJ’s, Live Acts and Visual Artists that made SoCal Culture a worldwide phenomenon.

SoCal 10 connected our past with the future by using the entire Queen Mary complex to host a festival big enough for the SoCal faithful. For the first time in Dance Music History, we grooved everywhere in the Queen Mary Ship, dancing in First Class elegance and splendor!