Teotihuacán Mexico

New Years Eve 2012 for The Mayan Calendar Prophecy Celebration

Thank you Mexico:

It was truly an honor for me and my team to co-produce this incredible conceptual project for Live Entertainment Network, Inc., and the people of Teotihuacán and Mexico.

Project Overview:

Teotihuacán New Year’s Eve 2012 is designed as a seminal global event… created in Mexico.

When the eyes of the world turn to Teotihuacán, they will see an event that is the most innovative, inspiring, creative experience yet. They will see an event that all of Mexico can be proud of.

Built on the ruins of the past, Teotihuacán New Year’s Eve 2012 sings to the potential of humanity as we boldly create a new better future for us all.

The Mexico that can be… the Mexico that will be… the center of the world.

Such a premier event will bring great prestige to Mexico via global media, lift the collective spirits of the nation, drive a significant economic stimulus from enhanced tourism dollars and create positive branding to drive future tourism to Mexico.

Teotihuacán New Year’s Eve 2012: Good for tourism, good for Mexico, good for the world.