Xpo’theque™ (2005)

Xpo’theque™ is a revolutionary state of the art exposition that merges exposition, entertainment, competition, and awards to deliver a magnificent multi-format production that dazzles attendees with one breathtaking presentation!

Xpo’theque™ delivers a unique and innovative platform to communicate brand messages, target marketing and product advertising for today’s lifestyle conscious consumers.

The Xpo’theque™ business model is applicable to marketing and advertising agencies representing world-renowned “lifestyle brands.” It utilizes an easy-to-use, one-stop “Plug-In Marketing Platform™” (P.I.M.P) designed by the Million Wishes team.

P.I.M.P. is a business-to-business model that utilizes new marketing and branding opportunities for corporate clients to expose their products to a mass audience of potential new customers that fit their target demographics. It encompasses product exhibition, brand promotion, achievement awards, entertainment, event affiliation, customer relationship building, community outreach activities and more!

Xpo’theque™ event revenue is generated through corporate marketing, exhibitor participation, expo ticketing, VIP package sales, merchant reward program commissions and merchandise sales.

Conventional bureaus know that they can no longer sit and wait for traditional expo and convention shows to fill up their calendar. In today’s competitive market convention facilities are looking to engage dynamic events to showcase their unique venue capabilities and stand out from an already crowded field.

Xpo’theque™ is designed to partner with convention bureaus worldwide, and be held in state of the art convention and exhibition halls.

Xpo’theque™ is ready to provide an exciting and new exhibition format that will bring in new business from the world finest brands and world-class exhibitors.

We welcome you to get involved with MillionWishes and join us as a co-producer, licenser, exhibitor or part of the production team.

We encourage marketing & advertising agencies, business consultants, and entertainment companies from around the world to become a part of this magical global venture.

For more information and licensing, please contact MillionWishes, Inc at: contact@millionwishesinc.com