ACA World Sound Festival

Acapulco, Mexico (2000)

Event Overview:

Beginning on the Mexican “Day of the Dead” and spanning three days, the ACA World Sound Festival seamlessly blended four elaborate stages and state-of-the-art visual production technology, drawing over 60,000 attendees from Mexico and around the world. The outcome was an authentic international spectacle centered around a singular planetary theme, yet evolving musically, visually, and emotionally with each passing day. The ACA World Sound Festival team set a new standard for the dance experience by creating a groundbreaking milestone in music history.

Professionalism, creative vision, and charitable intent converged to define the next phase in the evolution of musical experiences. The MillionWishes Latin American Charity Fund (MWLACF) materialized as the inaugural realization of MillionWishes’ aspiration to transform dance festivals from purely profit-driven endeavors into influential sources of charity for global events. Taking the first step toward a global ideal, the MWLACF directs its energies to address local needs. Founded by the MillionWishes World Wide Team, ACA Executive Director Michael Hahn, Co-producer Tef Foo, and their Mexican Producer Partners Pedro Moctezuma and Ramon Llarena, the fund was conceived to give back to the community that has ardently supported this festival at every juncture.

MillionWishes Latin America Charity Effort:

From the first year’s proceeds, the ACA Sound Fest and MillionWishes Latin America established a trust fund of $120,000 to help with the local needs of Mexican communities. On April 2, 2001, a press conference took place in Acapulco, joining the ACA World Sound Festival partners and local authorities for the official presentation of the initial funds that distributed to the following charities:

  • $25,000 went to DIF-National System for Integral Development of Families. DIF is a governmental organization that promotes sustainable social welfare. Grants were distributed for surgeries for cross-eyed and underprivileged children.
  • $10,000 went to GAVIH, A.C. (Recuperation and Improvement for Patients with HIV/AIDS) Proceeds were distributed for supplies, medicine, and education of victims.
  • $20,000 went towards building a new kindergarten in the Ejido of El Podrido, an Acapulco low-income community.
  • $20,000 went to Police and Fire Department of Acapulco for new equipment and supplies.

(The rest of the funds remain in the trust fund and are distributed to other charitable organizations as the year proceeds.)

ACA World Sound Festival Showcased Talents:

Moby • Carl Cox • Deepdish • Danny Tenaglia • Dave Seaman • Seb Fontaine • Banco De Gaia • Mark Lewis • Anthony Pappa • Trevor Rockliffe • Little Louie Vega • Frankie Kunckles • David Morales • Satoshii Tomie • Mark Farina • Marques Wyatt • Dj Heather • Miquel Migs • King Britt • Liquid Todd • Tracy Young • Cass • Martin Parra • Tini Tun • Baby Hec Romero • Lord G • Bobby D’ambrosio • Diz • Gordo Garza • Hugh Masekela • Poncho Sanchez • Gilles Peterson • Jazzanova • Mocean Worker • Julius Papp • Jason Bentley • LTJ Bukem & Mc Conrad • Ming & FS • Damon Downs • Medicine Drum • John Kelley • Fox Gluv • Garth Trinidad • Infected Mushroom • Mark Allen • Paul Taylor • Sonkite • Daniel Moon Tribe • Steve Porter • David Hollands • Brad • The Bud Brothers • Michael Dog • Serge • David Durst • Axel • Zoo-B • Dimitri Nakov • Xavier Fox • Fila Funghy • Quazar • Adnan • Moses • Fabricio Pecanha • Al Jay • Mr. Anand