Gracie’s Emporium

La Quinta, California (2011)

Project Description:

This themed boutique retail store specializes in “hard-to-find” gifts from around the world, offering customers a unique and distinctive shopping experience. Our involvement in this project encompassed the creation of the brand and store identity, the meticulous build-out of the store, and the strategic structuring of the marketing plan.


Our team actively contributed to various facets of the project, including Brand Design & Development, Marketing Implementation, Packaging Design & Manufacturing, and Store Build-out Production. Through our dedicated efforts, we not only established a compelling brand and store identity but also executed a comprehensive marketing strategy. This led to further enhancing the store’s success and appeal.

Collaborated with Gary Goddard’s design team (Goddard Group), construction crew, graphic designer, content writer & product manufacturer.

Co-produced with Suzanne Nunez, Jesse Talamantez, and Chris Cronin.

Team members: Aldo Ortiz, Bjorn Wallman, JK and the entire Gracie’s store team.