Portland, Oregon

MillionWishes Worldwide, in coordination with Direct Drive and our Northwest brothers and sisters, was honored to present Spiritualize held at The Portland Metropolitan Expo Center: where mankind, music, and artistry intertwine. Spiritualize event raised the bar for electronic music festivals in the Northwest electronic scene. World-class musicians, artists, and producers worked together to prepare a rendering of musical, visual, and theatrical flair to manifest our dream of the techno opera. Once again keeping our charity mission close to heart, Spiritualize also sold some charity tickets whose proceeds went to Greenhouse of the Salvation Army Cascade Division, a Portland sanctuary for homeless youth.

Charity overview:

The concept of MillionWishes event revolves around the charity effort. We desire a reason for celebration, and a positive difference being made through every event. In Portland, Oregon we have selected a down to earth, practical charity called Greenhouse that provides a sanctuary for homeless youths. Greenhouse is a part of the Salvation Army Cascade Division in Oregon, and uses its resources to provide youths with guidance, nurturing and support.

It is vital to our purpose that we build a close connection to the surrounding communities, and through a donation to Greenhouse, we know that we will be influencing the lives of the less fortunate among us.

Some details about Greenhouse from their website:

“There is no length of service restrictions. Youth voluntarily access all services. The center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The alternative school is open M-F, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Salvation Army Greenhouse is located at 820 S.W. Oak Street, in Portland OR, 97205. Contact Claudine Walker, at 503.239.1245 for more information.

Big thanks go out to everyone who helped and contributed to our charity effort through Spiritualize event in Portland, Oregon. We were able to raise $1,874.80 for Greenhouse. While up in Portland, we visited Greenhouse and were extremely impressed with the way that it supports and cares for youth and also provides opportunities for growth.

Contributors to the MillionWishes Spiritualize charity effort:

Jon Baker – 4 tickets
Marco Berlin – 1 ticket
Heather Reynolds – 2 tickets
Silia Sequeira – 2 tickets
Milt Hill – 1 ticket
Jeremiah Harper – 2 tickets
Rebekah Hearn – 1 ticket
Paul Bonilla – 2 tickets
Martin Linde – 1 ticket
Alan Peterson – 2 tickets
Melissa Jordan – 2 tickets
Megan Bunnell – 2 tickets
Jef Mullins – 1 ticket
Rachel Gibbs – 1 ticket
Kathleen Gedman – 2 tickets
Brian Lipinski – 2 tickets
Roni Jessick – 2 tickets
Briana Williams – 1 ticket
Meredith Russell – 1 ticket
Catherine Boyer – 2 tickets
Jennifer McKay – 2 tickets
Kathleen Hynes – 1 ticket
Laura Hojnacki – 3 tickets
Codi Kissick – 1 ticket
Mercedes Herrada – 2 tickets
Scott Marcus – 1 ticket
Nori Niino – 1 ticket
Lindsey Hammond – 3 tickets
Faina Pulvermakher – 2 tickets
Chloe Grinnell – 1 ticket
John Waskey – 1 ticket
Kara Ely – 4 tickets
Amber Dudley – 2 tickets
Seth Brookens – 2 tickets
Ricardo Rodriguez – 2 tickets
Mason Koo – 1 ticket
Ian brown – 1 ticket
Amy Davis – 1 ticket
Linh Renken – 2 tickets
Anonymous – 4 tickets
Dan William – 1 ticket
McLean – 1 ticket
Christi Lynn – 3 tickets