The Insomniac event and lifestyle brand has come a long way. One of our guiding principles is maintaining the classic spirit of Insomniac: “True To The Old School.” Gradually this principle transformed to our new mantra: “Everyone Is A Headliner.”

With this timeless cause in mind, I would like to mention one particular individual I have known since my early rave days. He is someone I consider family and an inspiration – Tef Foo.

Tef is one of the pioneers of our subculture in Southern California and a major influence on the U.S. electronic music scene. He’s a visionary with a passion for connecting people together — for the love of music, unity and art. I love working with Tef because he always thinks big in this way and is always ahead of the curve. He has helped produce impressive designs and products for Insomniac, including co-producing legendary rave events together like Big Wig Thumper and Together As One.

Tef is meticulous, charismatic and worldly. I look forward to our continuing friendship, always pushing the boundaries to make the world a more fun and creative place.

Pasquale Rotella
CEO & Founder of Insomniac, Inc
Home of The World’s Largest Festival “EDC”- The Electric Daisy Carnival

“Tef is a pioneer, from Opus:Lily to Circa to believing in Detroit Techno when nobody else did, he was laying it down in a creative and heartfelt way.. If the history of the Los Angeles club and rave culture is ever written and Tef and his creations don’t get at least a few pages, then it won’t be a history at all.”

Raymond Leon Roker
Executive Producer / Content Creative Director
Goldenvoice Creator of the World’s Renowned Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
Publisher & Creative Director of URB Magazine, USA
URB Established in 1990 / One of North America’s most trusted independent music publications

Flux Branding is a boutique creative studio located in the DTLA Arts District. For over 15 years, Flux has successfully delivered comprehensive brand strategy and visual identity to clients in automotive, real estate, hospitality, natural products.

Our team includes talented associates who contribute expertise. These strategic associates are an extension of our staff, enabling Flux to respond to a variety of client demands. Tef Foo has been an important senior strategist with exceptional understanding of promotional campaigns, especially relating to live event productions, co-branded positioning, incentive strategies and media stunts.

Mr. Foo is a seasoned professional who approaches every assignment thoughtfully. His read on both client and consumer preferences are reliable. He is a good team player who contributes while also taking the lead when required.

I recommend him as a valuable creative professional for any success-minded enterprise.

Jamie Schwartzman
Founder & Chief Creative Strategist at Flux Branding, Los Angeles USA

“Promoters come and go and go over the years but, once upon a time…. this was still about being a real artist.

Open-minded. Deep. Fearless.

Tef’s ability to speak to a global audience, regardless of language or ethnicity via his concept and design is unparalleled in the world of modern music. While the lion’s share of imagery associated with the current explosive EDM scene continues to focus on appropriation and regurgitation, his original ultra-vivid dreams helped build the cornerstones of the American street style. Simple, clean and yet very powerful graphic design, coupled with the dry witty prose constitute his trademark brand. He not only built iconic venues but could translate that often bombastic message to the both the terminology-hungry media and your average clubbing fanatic.”

Wade Randolph Hampton
Creative Director of M3 Films & Marketing Director of former Ghostbar at W Hotel, Dallas

“Tef and his team are truly international, they can and have taken our party from New York and replicate it and spice it up with the local flavor and produce a remarkable and exciting result wherever they travel. From New York to Jakarta and Los Angeles to Bali, I look forward to working with them in the future. They have unique ability to understand what we want and to make it happen! Cheers!!”

Mark Baker
Founder & President of CI-5, Inc, New York
A magnate of New York scenester’s scene, they call him the godfather of New York nightlife

I am delighted to provide this reference for Tef Foo, whom I have known on a professional basis since early 2002, when we were introduced by a mutual friend in Hong Kong. I was immediately intrigued by Tef’s spirituality, magical genius and achievements in the artfully combined fields of music and philanthropy. He was clearly one of those special souls whose passion and creativity had found its outlet: to promote social consciousness and responsibility through music and life-style.

A large part of Tef’s brilliance is his ability to champion a revolutionary concept through the minutiae of actual execution and deliver a successful result.

Adrian Overholser
CEO of Halo Associates (Asia) Ltd, Hong Kong

I have known and worked with Tef Foo over the years advising on the charitable aspects of entertainment events organized by his production company and associated multimedia organizations in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

During this time I have been in awe of his boundless energy and passionate pursuit of excellence in all his undertakings both commercial and philanthropic. His imagination and flair are without question extraordinary.

Judged by the large scale and the commercial success of events on three continents and their charitable contribution to local communities I can heartily recommend Tef and his associates to organizations contemplating production and implementation of global events.

I look forward to continuing to associate with Tef and the prospect of being associated with future ventures.

Dr Graham J Davies (U.K)
Environmental Economist; Fellow Commoner Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; Consultant to the World Bank & Asian Development Bank on environmental programmes



I am deeply grateful for the unwavering support and camaraderie of my colleagues, the collaborative spirit of my partners, and the genuine friendship of those who stand by me. Their collective contributions make every endeavor more meaningful, and I am fortunate to have such an incredible network of support.