ACA World Sound Festival

Acapulco, Mexico (2000)

Event Overview:

Beginning on the Mexican “Day of the Dead” and spanning three days, the ACA World Sound Festival seamlessly blended four elaborate stages and state-of-the-art visual production technology, drawing over 60,000 attendees from Mexico and around the world. The outcome was an authentic international spectacle centered around a singular planetary theme, yet evolving musically, visually, and emotionally with each passing day. The ACA World Sound Festival team set a new standard for the dance experience by creating a groundbreaking milestone in music history.

Professionalism, creative vision, and charitable intent converged to define the next phase in the evolution of musical experiences. The MillionWishes Latin American Charity Fund (MWLACF) materialized as the inaugural realization of MillionWishes’ aspiration to transform dance festivals from purely profit-driven endeavors into influential sources of charity for global events. Taking the first step toward a global ideal, the MWLACF directs its energies to address local needs. Founded by the MillionWishes World Wide Team, ACA Executive Director Michael Hahn, Co-producer Tef Foo, and their Mexican Producer Partners Pedro Moctezuma and Ramon Llarena, the fund was conceived to give back to the community that has ardently supported this festival at every juncture.

MillionWishes Latin America Charity Effort:

From the first year’s proceeds, the ACA Sound Fest and MillionWishes Latin America established a trust fund of $120,000 to help with the local needs of Mexican communities. On April 2, 2001, a press conference took place in Acapulco, joining the ACA World Sound Festival partners and local authorities for the official presentation of the initial funds that distributed to the following charities:

  • $25,000 went to DIF-National System for Integral Development of Families. DIF is a governmental organization that promotes sustainable social welfare. Grants were distributed for surgeries for cross-eyed and underprivileged children.
  • $10,000 went to GAVIH, A.C. (Recuperation and Improvement for Patients with HIV/AIDS) Proceeds were distributed for supplies, medicine, and education of victims.
  • $20,000 went towards building a new kindergarten in the Ejido of El Podrido, an Acapulco low-income community.
  • $20,000 went to Police and Fire Department of Acapulco for new equipment and supplies.

(The rest of the funds remain in the trust fund and are distributed to other charitable organizations as the year proceeds.)

ACA World Sound Festival Showcased Talents:

Moby • Carl Cox • Deepdish • Danny Tenaglia • Dave Seaman • Seb Fontaine • Banco De Gaia • Mark Lewis • Anthony Pappa • Trevor Rockliffe • Little Louie Vega • Frankie Kunckles • David Morales • Satoshii Tomie • Mark Farina • Marques Wyatt • Dj Heather • Miquel Migs • King Britt • Liquid Todd • Tracy Young • Cass • Martin Parra • Tini Tun • Baby Hec Romero • Lord G • Bobby D’ambrosio • Diz • Gordo Garza • Hugh Masekela • Poncho Sanchez • Gilles Peterson • Jazzanova • Mocean Worker • Julius Papp • Jason Bentley • LTJ Bukem & Mc Conrad • Ming & FS • Damon Downs • Medicine Drum • John Kelley • Fox Gluv • Garth Trinidad • Infected Mushroom • Mark Allen • Paul Taylor • Sonkite • Daniel Moon Tribe • Steve Porter • David Hollands • Brad • The Bud Brothers • Michael Dog • Serge • David Durst • Axel • Zoo-B • Dimitri Nakov • Xavier Fox • Fila Funghy • Quazar • Adnan • Moses • Fabricio Pecanha • Al Jay • Mr. Anand

Zero Millennium Countdown

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1999-2000)

Event Overview:

After the long-awaited event of the century, following all the hype and fanfare, we found ourselves at the threshold of infinity and on the brink of a new era.

The Globe transformed into a massive countdown party, offering us two thousand reasons to come together and celebrate with our brothers and sisters in Malaysia.

Regardless of how the masses perceived the millennium and their beliefs about its significance, we all shared that moment together on December 31st, 1999, through the sunrise of January 1st, 2000.

This event was co-produced with an old friend from my Singapore days, Joe Ghazzal (DJ Hardy from Downtown Discotheque), and his local team, Global 2000 Sdn Bhd. On my end, I chose my mentor, Solomon Mansoor, to be the Chief Producer, alongside our entire in-house team from our US office, who dedicated themselves to a two-month-long production ordeal.


This event marked one of Southeast Asia’s largest millennium celebrations, held in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Welcoming the New Year, the celebration unfolded as a monumental concert production at Subang Capital Airport (formerly the International airport). The countdown took place on an active airport runway, with aircraft flying overhead, releasing confetti to the eager crowd at midnight. Notably, the airport resumed its operations at 6 AM after the event.

This sold-out spectacle drew 60,000 attendees and featured a massive countdown stage adorned with fireworks displays, accompanied by two additional clubbing stages within the airport premises.

Zero Millennium Countdown remained one of the proudest events we have ever produced!

Exclusive Design Project: EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival)

An Extraordinary & Creative Relationship

Pasquale Rotella, founder and CEO of Insomniac, Inc., and EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), and I have known each other since the early nineties. We produced events together and remain good friends and close allies in the entertainment industry. I have tremendous respect for him, taking counter-culture audiences to the mainstream and hosting the world’s largest 3-day music festival in Las Vegas.

Over the last two decades and continuing today, it has been an honor to have an ongoing invitation to participate in his design and branding development for EDC and Insomniac. The work includes brand concept development, marketing asset design, merchandise design, and manufacturing.

Any chance we get, we still like to sit and talk about the old days, new ideas, and the arts. I am extremely grateful for this special and creative relationship that we share.

*Check out our event production history in the dedicated section of my profile to see some of the memorable parties we produced together.

Goliath Music Festival

Mexico City, Mexico (2009)

Event Overview:

Goliath Music Festival

An unprecedented celebration that transcended boundaries, brought together over 50 live music acts on 5 massive stages, captivating a staggering 75,000 attendees in 2009. This monumental event marked the apex of ‘next generation’ music festivals in Mexico City.

The goal of this ground-breaking festival was to inspire attendees with an eclectic mix of musical genres, featuring performances by some of the world’s leading artists.

The unique production-installation-design concept immersed concert-goers in a magical audio and visual experience, while our dedicated hospitality service and event management ensured that festival-goers enjoyed a comfortable and truly memorable experience.

Goliath’s intelligent programming successfully united a massive audience, fostering empowerment and mutual support. The crowd was continually encouraged to embrace good citizenship and make positive local changes on the planet.

This world community connection, collaboration, and celebration define the Goliath vibe, reminiscent of the classic “Together We Are Giants” celebration.

All of this was made possible through our continued collaboration between Mantequilla Live and MillionWishes, focusing on the production of major live events, including the ACA World Festival in 2000 and 2002.

Goliath Festival Showcased Talents:

  • The Black Eyed Peas
  • Thievery Corporation
  • Justice
  • Calle 13
  • Pitbull
  • Fischerspooner
  • Crystal Castles
  • Perry Farrell
  • David Morales
  • The Faint
  • Chromeo
  • Shiny Toy
  • Planet B
  • Los Bunkers
  • Big Metra
  • Chetes
  • Austin
  • Jumbo
  • Los Concorde
  • Sussie 4
  • On Blast
  • Naga
  • Polbo
  • Bengala
  • Liquits
  • Los Músicos de José
  • Polbo
  • Fever Sound
  • Try Casete
  • Mezcalites
  • Niña Dioz
  • Le Baron
  • Atto & The Majestics
  • Poncho Kingz
  • La Vieja Guardia All Starz
  • Casino
  • Los Weeds
  • Reyes del Pulmón
  • Timothy Brownie
  • Kartel Aztlan
  • Alyosha
  • Milky Brothers
  • Dj Aztek 732
  • Perros Celestes
  • Abominables
  • Baston
  • Camper Purpura Suite
  • Simplifiers
  • Los Impostors
  • Doble Circulación
  • Fiusha Funkstar
  • Milkman
  • Cata Barrios
  • Morenito de Fuego
  • Sociedad Café
  • DJ Melaza

Teotihuacán Mexico

New Years Eve 2012 for The Mayan Calendar Prophecy Celebration

Thank you Mexico:

It was truly an honor for me and my team to co-produce this incredible conceptual project for Live Entertainment Network, Inc., and the people of Teotihuacán and Mexico.

Project Overview:

Teotihuacán New Year’s Eve 2012 is designed as a seminal global event… created in Mexico.

When the eyes of the world turn to Teotihuacán, they will see an event that is the most innovative, inspiring, creative experience yet. They will see an event that all of Mexico can be proud of.

Built on the ruins of the past, Teotihuacán New Year’s Eve 2012 sings to the potential of humanity as we boldly create a new better future for us all.

The Mexico that can be… the Mexico that will be… the center of the world.

Such a premier event will bring great prestige to Mexico via global media, lift the collective spirits of the nation, drive a significant economic stimulus from enhanced tourism dollars and create positive branding to drive future tourism to Mexico.

Teotihuacán New Year’s Eve 2012: Good for tourism, good for Mexico, good for the world.


Portland, Oregon (2001)

MillionWishes Worldwide Presents: Spiritualize

In coordination with Direct Drive and our Northwest brothers and sisters, we were honored to present Spiritualize. The event took place at The Portland Metropolitan Expo Center, where mankind, music, and artistry intertwine. World-class musicians, artists, and producers collaborated to create a fusion of musical, visual, and theatrical elements, raising the bar for electronic music festivals in the Northwest. Once again, keeping our charity mission close to heart, Spiritualize also offered charity tickets. The proceeds from these tickets went to Greenhouse of the Salvation Army Cascade Division, a Portland sanctuary for homeless youth.

Charity Overview

The concept of the MillionWishes event revolves around a charitable effort. We seek a reason for celebration and aim to make a positive difference through each event. In Portland, Oregon, we have chosen the down-to-earth and practical charity, Greenhouse, which provides a sanctuary for homeless youths. Greenhouse is a part of the Salvation Army Cascade Division in Oregon and utilizes its resources to offer guidance, nurturing, and support to young individuals. Building a close connection to the surrounding communities is vital to our purpose, and through a donation to Greenhouse, we are confident that we will be influencing the lives of the less fortunate among us.

Some details about Greenhouse from their website:

“There are no length of service restrictions. Youth voluntarily access all services. The center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The alternative school is open M-F, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Salvation Army Greenhouse is located at 820 S.W. Oak Street, in Portland OR, 97205. Contact Claudine Walker at 503.239.1245 for more information.

Big thanks go out to everyone who helped and contributed to our charity effort through the Spiritualize event in Portland, Oregon. We were able to raise $1,874.80 for Greenhouse. While up in Portland, we visited Greenhouse and were extremely impressed with the way it supports and cares for youth, providing opportunities for growth.

Contributors to the MillionWishes Spiritualize Charity Effort

  • Jon Baker – 4 tickets
  • Marco Berlin – 1 ticket
  • Heather Reynolds – 2 tickets
  • Silia Sequeira – 2 tickets
  • Milt Hill – 1 ticket
  • Jeremiah Harper – 2 tickets
  • Rebekah Hearn – 1 ticket
  • Paul Bonilla – 2 tickets
  • Martin Linde – 1 ticket
  • Alan Peterson – 2 tickets
  • Melissa Jordan – 2 tickets
  • Megan Bunnell – 2 tickets
  • Jef Mullins – 1 ticket
  • Rachel Gibbs – 1 ticket
  • Kathleen Gedman – 2 tickets
  • Brian Lipinski – 2 tickets
  • Roni Jessick – 2 tickets
  • Briana Williams – 1 ticket
  • Meredith Russell – 1 ticket
  • Catherine Boyer – 2 tickets
  • Jennifer McKay – 2 tickets
  • Kathleen Hynes – 1 ticket
  • Laura Hojnacki – 3 tickets
  • Codi Kissick – 1 ticket
  • Mercedes Herrada – 2 tickets
  • Scott Marcus – 1 ticket
  • Nori Niino – 1 ticket
  • Lindsey Hammond – 3 tickets
  • Faina Pulvermakher – 2 tickets
  • Chloe Grinnell – 1 ticket
  • John Waskey – 1 ticket
  • Kara Ely – 4 tickets
  • Amber Dudley – 2 tickets
  • Seth Brookens – 2 tickets
  • Ricardo Rodriguez – 2 tickets
  • Mason Koo – 1 ticket
  • Ian Brown – 1 ticket
  • Amy Davis – 1 ticket
  • Linh Renken – 2 tickets
  • Anonymous – 4 tickets
  • Dan William – 1 ticket
  • McLean – 1 ticket
  • Christi Lynn – 3 tickets

Gracie’s Emporium

La Quinta, California (2011)

Project Description:

This themed boutique retail store specializes in “hard-to-find” gifts from around the world, offering customers a unique and distinctive shopping experience. Our involvement in this project encompassed the creation of the brand and store identity, the meticulous build-out of the store, and the strategic structuring of the marketing plan.


Our team actively contributed to various facets of the project, including Brand Design & Development, Marketing Implementation, Packaging Design & Manufacturing, and Store Build-out Production. Through our dedicated efforts, we not only established a compelling brand and store identity but also executed a comprehensive marketing strategy. This led to further enhancing the store’s success and appeal.

Collaborated with Gary Goddard’s design team (Goddard Group), construction crew, graphic designer, content writer & product manufacturer.

Co-produced with Suzanne Nunez, Jesse Talamantez, and Chris Cronin.

Team members: Aldo Ortiz, Bjorn Wallman, JK and the entire Gracie’s store team.

Together As One

Los Angeles, California (2001)

Event Overview:

Together As One 2001, held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and the Los Angeles Sports Arena, represents the earliest and inaugural use of a stadium venue in America for an electronic music dance event.

This New Year’s Eve celebration, hailed in the new millennium, attracted more than 40,000 attendees. MillionWishes collaborated with Go Ventures, Insomniac, and Coolworld to transform this event into a monumental reality. Together As One and MillionWishes generated proceeds for donation to the Las Familias Del Pueblo group through a straightforward and effective discount ticket sale and on-site donation activation.

On the eve of New Year 2001, the Olympic Torch at the Coliseum’s stadium burned brightly throughout the night as the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum once again etched its name in history. For the first time in America, an Olympic-sized stadium overflowed with the joy of thousands dancing in unity. The dawn of a new era in Electronic Dance history had arrived. We bore witness to an event for the ages, with fireworks exploding above this mega New Year’s Eve countdown!

Charity Effort:

The final donation to Las Familias Del Pueblo amounted to a grand total of $8,258.00. The MillionWishes Team was extremely pleased to see everyone’s hard work culminate in this generous contribution. A big thanks goes out to Go Ventures, Insomniac, and the Together As One team, Alice Callaghan, Eva at Las Familias Del Pueblo, and everyone who contributed!

Together As One’s Showcased Talents:

  • BT
  • Armand Van Helden
  • Dj Dan
  • Dj Sneak
  • Junior Sanchez
  • T-1000
  • Christopher Lawrance
  • Sandra Collins
  • Donald Glaude
  • Bad Boy Bill
  • Mark Farina
  • Doran
  • Bad Company
  • Aphrodite
  • Diesel Boy
  • Kool Keith
  • Beat Junkies
  • Da Predator
  • Omar Santana
  • Mars
  • Richard Vission
  • Hector Huggie
  • Digital Assasins
  • Barry Weaver
  • Steve Loria
  • Dj Reza
  • Lenny V. Jason Blakemore
  • Mystical Influence
  • Wish Fm
  • Sniper
  • Rinse & Flux
  • Delirium
  • Rob Gee
  • Ron D Core
  • Tron
  • Demigod
  • Triple Threat Tour
  • Cali Agents
  • Ming & FS
  • Heretic
  • Professor Mindbender
  • Coolwip
  • Jonathan Greathouse
  • Paul E
  • Darky
  • Dj Flury
  • Dig Dug
  • Von Shock
  • David Garcia
  • St. John
  • Deacon
  • Dj Tao
  • Sdf-1
  • Capsule
  • Lostboy
  • Static
  • Dj Rene
  • Jimmy
  • Dj Kam & Kendo
  • Planet B
  • Jason Splat
  • Danny Cosmo
  • Ben Three
  • Du Funk

Xpo’theque™ (2005)

Xpo’theque™ is a revolutionary state of the art exposition that merges exposition, entertainment, competition, and awards to deliver a magnificent multi-format production that dazzles attendees with one breathtaking presentation!

Xpo’theque™ delivers a unique and innovative platform to communicate brand messages, target marketing and product advertising for today’s lifestyle conscious consumers.

The Xpo’theque™ business model is applicable to marketing and advertising agencies representing world-renowned “lifestyle brands.” It utilizes an easy-to-use, one-stop “Plug-In Marketing Platform™” (P.I.M.P) designed by the Million Wishes team.

P.I.M.P. is a business-to-business model that utilizes new marketing and branding opportunities for corporate clients to expose their products to a mass audience of potential new customers that fit their target demographics. It encompasses product exhibition, brand promotion, achievement awards, entertainment, event affiliation, customer relationship building, community outreach activities and more!

Xpo’theque™ event revenue is generated through corporate marketing, exhibitor participation, expo ticketing, VIP package sales, merchant reward program commissions and merchandise sales.

Conventional bureaus know that they can no longer sit and wait for traditional expo and convention shows to fill up their calendar. In today’s competitive market convention facilities are looking to engage dynamic events to showcase their unique venue capabilities and stand out from an already crowded field.

Xpo’theque™ is designed to partner with convention bureaus worldwide, and be held in state of the art convention and exhibition halls.

Xpo’theque™ is ready to provide an exciting and new exhibition format that will bring in new business from the world finest brands and world-class exhibitors.

We welcome you to get involved with MillionWishes and join us as a co-producer, licenser, exhibitor or part of the production team.

We encourage marketing & advertising agencies, business consultants, and entertainment companies from around the world to become a part of this magical global venture.

For more information and licensing, please contact MillionWishes, Inc at:

Cancun In Lights

Cancun, Mexico (2004)

For the first time in Cancun, Mexico…

Top international performers, including Grammy-award winners Chaka Khan and Latin-jazz musician Poncho Sanchez, performed for three nights alongside various runway shows produced and broadcast by Fashion T.V.

This international extravaganza carried a different theme each night and featured a variety of spectacular cuisine, full-length fashion shows, classic films, and musical performances by world-renowned acts and DJs.

More than 4,000 spectators attended daily in an open-air amphitheater just feet from the ocean. A spectacular display of dynamic lights and outdoor installations surrounded a specially constructed venue, creating a unique ambiance of tropical elegance and world-class entertainment, just meters from the ocean and under the stars.

Cancun in Lights

Cancun in Lights was an unparalleled event for Cancun, showcasing the destination’s fine cuisine, upscale nightlife, and world-class entertainment. Each evening featured a different theme with various attractions taking place simultaneously, including classic films, live performances, food tastings from Cancun’s top restaurants and hotels, and a series of VIP after-parties that took place at different venues throughout the destination.

Cancun in Lights was supported by the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau in conjunction with the Cancun Hotel Association to highlight various aspects of the destination, including its world-class entertainment, international appeal, and fine cuisine. As part of this effort, future events will include Cancun in Lights Revisited in the coming years.

Partners and Co-Sponsors:

  • The Fideocomismo de Promotion Turistica de Cancun
  • Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • The Cancun Hotel Association
  • The State of Quintana Roo
  • The Municipality of Cancun
  • The Hyatt Regency Cancun
  • The Hilton Cancun Beach and Golf Resort
  • Fashion TV